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Aerial Underground Survey

Over 30 years of experience in underground exploration and mapping
Geo-Scope Ltd

an international leader in remote sensing technology, headquartered in Israel. Our company specializes in utilizing state-of-the-art drone and ground equipment, paired with advanced geophysics expertise and world-leading geophysical experts, as well as AI algorithms, to locate, map, and measure all types of underground elements, transcending geographical and topographical challenges.

In 2023, Geo-Scope proudly secured 1st place in the prestigious International Challenge for Underground Mapping using Aerial Remote Sensing Technology. This accolade underscores our commitment to innovation and excellence in the field. One of our primary focuses is on water, providing comprehensive solutions for water leakage, groundwater level and infrastructure detection.

Our Services

Underground Engineering Element Mapping

Foundations: Detailed mapping of building oundations for stability and structural integrity

Slopes and Retaining Walls: Assess and map slopes and retaining walls to ensure safety and compliance

Fill Thickness: Accurately measure and map fill thickness for construction and land development projects

Road and Railway Inventory Mapping

Surface Layers: Precise mapping of road and railway layers, even those just a few centimeters thick

Geological Layers: In-depth geological mapping up to several tens of meters deep, essential for infrastructure planning and maintenance

Underground Infrastructure Mapping

Pipes and Conduits: Detect and map plastic, asbestos, metal and concrete pipes, crucial for utility management and renovation projects

Water and Sewage Leak Detection

Leak Source Identification: Locate and identify the source, direction, and concentration of water and sewage leaks

Reservoir and Dam Inspections: Ensure the integrity of water reservoirs, dams, and transport infrastructures by detecting potential leaks

Groundwater Detection and Measurement

Saturation Percentages: Accurately measure groundwater depth and saturation levels, vital for water resource management

Sinkhole Prevention and Investigation

Pre-Formation Detection: Detect and map plastic, asbestos, metal and concrete pipes, crucial for utility management and renovation projects

Post-Formation Analysis: Locate and analyze the source of sinkhole problems after they occur

Underground Space Mapping

Air, Water, Clay, and Minerals: Map underground spaces, including air pockets, water bodies, clay layers, and mineral deposits

Geological Resource Mapping

Mineral Depositsers: Conduct geological mapping for mineral deposits, gas, oil, and precious metals

Petrological Laboratory Services: Complement our mapping with laboratory analysis, drilling, and quarry planning

Buried Object Detection

Antiquities and Mines: Locate buried objects such as archaeological sites, mines, and unexploded ordnance

Topographic Mapping

Water Bodies: Perform topographic mapping of riverbeds, lakes, and shallow seas to aid in environmental and infrastructural projects

Slope and Wall Mapping

Slope Mapping: Detect and map potential slope failures and sliding areas by analyzing saturation percentages and ground or rock cracks

Supporting Wall Mapping:Identify and map vertical wall types (piles, foot wall, gravity wall, combined stone wall, etc.) and locate failures behind them, such as abnormal water concentrations or air spaces

At Geo-Scope Ltd

we are committed to provide cutting-edge solutions and unparalleled expertise to meet all your underground detection and mapping needs. Follow us on our social media platforms and contact us directly via email on our website for consultations and to schedule an impressive meeting.